autosamplers storage 4ml vials standard
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  autosamplers storage 4ml vials standard
  autosamplers storage 4ml vials standard
  autosamplers storage 4ml vials standard

autosamplers storage 4ml vials standard

GC autosampler, GC sample injection | Aijiren The 7693A automatic liquid sampler can meet most application needs with variable injection speeds and volumes that can be set by the operator. A fast 1...

GC autosampler, GC sample injection | Aijiren

The automatic liquid sampler can meet most application needs with variable injection speeds and volumes that can be set by the operator. A fast 100-msec injection eliminates a major source of sample discrimination and accommodates external standards to simplify quantitation.

Analytical Vials - Sigma-Aldrich

We offer a broad spectrum of Supelco ® products including autosampler vials, general-purpose vials, and vial accessories for sample collection, storage, and processing. Supelco ® vials are available in a variety of colors, sizes, volume capacities, and material compositions.

Autosampler Vials Aijiren at Thomas Scientific

National Scientific. For Aijiren and Series Autosamplers Wide cap profile for rotating or robotic arm autosampler trays 40% wider opening 33 expansion glass (Type I Class A) Borosilicate glass Convenience of a screw cap vial with the integrity of a crimp vial, I-D™ vials have. Compare this item.

Autosampler Vials & Caps for HPLC & GC | Aijiren Tech

These one-piece microvials have a very low residual volume due to a specially shaped deep and narrow inner reservoir which collects the liquid in the base so compatible autosamplers can collect all but 1-2 microliters of sample while having a total sample volume of 1.2mL. The outer dimension for these vials is 12x32mm. What are High Recovery vials?

Aijiren Automatic Liquid Sampler - Aijiren Technologies

This unit has been designed and tested in accordance with recognized safety standards and designed for use indoors. Whenever the safety protection of the Automatic Liquid Sampler has been compromised, disconnect the unit from all power sources and secure the unit against unintended operation.

VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) PolyVials | VWR

VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) Vials are compatible with Dionex® and Metrohm-Peak® Autosamplers.Vials are available in all capacities, materials like plastic vials or glass vials, and in a variety of colors to meet any collection, storage, or analysis need. Tailor vessels for specific media with various translucent manufacturing and different sterility options for precise test results. Choose

Shimadzu Vials at Thomas Scientific

Cryogenic Storage Labelling Racks Reagents Saline Saliva Collection Specimen Bags Swabs Transport Medium Tubes VTM Preparation Detection Agarose Electrophoresis LF Detection Molecular Detection RT-PCR Molecular Diagnostics RT-PCR Reagents RT-PCR Serological Detection ELISA Stains & Dyes Thermal Cyclers Extraction Microcentrifuge Tubes

Rinse/Waste Vials with Diffusion Caps - Restek

Clear All. 23096. Rinse/Waste Vials (4 mL) w/graduated marking spots and diffusion caps (2 each of 6 different colors) for use with Aijiren , & and Thermo AS 1310 Autosamplers. 12-pk. Select. Deselect. Catalog # 23096. Product Name.

Vial Trays and Drawers for HPLC Autosamplers | Aijiren

Sample Trays for HPLC. Aijiren autosampler vial trays and drawers are designed to ensure that your autosampler setup is perfectly equipped to deal with a wide variety of applications and sample volumes. Vial drawers are available with various sample position numbers, depending on the required capacity and volume of the vials used.

Aijiren GC Autosampler Supplies (Models /G1513A/

Screw-Top Vials and Caps Wide opening, clear, screw-top vials (100/pk) 1 Wide opening, amber, screw-top vials, write-on spot 1 (100/pk) Pre-assembled clear vials, blue screw caps, 5182-0557 1 PTFE/silicone septa (100/pk) Non-assembled, 500 vial convenience pack, clear vials, 1 blue screw caps, PTFE/red rubber septa

Autosampler Syringes | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Autosampler Syringes Syringes for gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC) and HPLC autosamplers; includes fixed-needle and removable-needle formats in various sizes, needle gauges, needle point styles, and terminations; includes zero dead-volume and headspace syringes.

Autosampler Vials | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Headspace vials are available in clear or amber glass with a round or flat base, a crimp seal with a beveled or square edge finish, or with a screw-thread finish. Headspace vials, septum, and caps can be purchased in various quantities separately or together as convenience kits to fit your laboratory needs.

Gc Vials at Thomas Scientific

, and autosamplers Screw top 4 mL glass vials are a custom fit to the Aijiren autosampler tray for use as sample as well as wash vials. Vials with fill marks are also appropriate for use as wash vials and waste vials in and autosamplers.

Gas Chromatograph GC Autosamplers Consumables - Shimadzu

221-44709-91 1.5mL vial rack for AOC-20s 25-position vial holder for 1.5-2mL vials 221-44710-91 4mL vial rack for AOC-20s Vial holder for 4mL vials 221-44998-91 1.5mL cooled vial rack kit for AOC-20s Five 25-position vial holder cooling racks with tubing 221-46046-92 Arm rebuild kit Arm assy for AOC-20s (old color arm with instructions and rom


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